Road Race

The Road Race Championships are held for men, women and the Under 23s in Australia. The 10.2 kilometre Buninyong circuit is used for the Australian road race. These championship events have been in existence from 1992 and they also include the Australian National Time Trial Championship, established in 2002. The championships are officially referred to as the Scody Australian Open Road Cycling Championships, but popularly known as "The Nationals". The championship winners are awarded with the symbolic cycling jersey that features the green and yellow stripes. The winner can wear this jersey at any other road race event to reflect their status as a national champion.

Buninyong Circuit

The Buninyong Circuit is the perfect course for men and women road racers in Australia. It boasts challenging climbs, a tough flat sprint to the line and fast winding down hills. The circuit turns towards Mt Bunninyong and this is the real thrilling part of the road race. This course tests stamina on the hill climbs and a racer’s potential to go downhill at breakneck speed. Riders need to be careful whilst participating in this race, as the circuit is only managed in areas where significant races are held.

The up and down nature of the Buninyong Circuit tests racers’ anaerobic thresholds as it includes climbing, hastening hard on the flat, and tackling the technical Fisken Road before sprinting 500 metres to the finish. You can only win this race if you have enduring strength, hill climbing ability and technical bike skills.

Road Race Details

In the Australian road race championship, men are required to compete over 163.2 kilometres (16 laps) and women over 102 kilometres (10 laps). The Men Under 23s is an open road race and is held over the distance of 122.4 kilometres (12 laps). One lap is equal to 10.2 kilometres. The 163.2 km course challenges you to climb for a total of 56 kilometres at an average of 5% gradient and to tackle the downhill for 91 kilometres. Flat roads are only for sixteen kilometres.

The 2009 Road Race

The 2009 Road race event was held at Buninyong Circuit in Ballarat from the 7th January to 11th January. The Australian Open Road Cycling championship faced severe competition this year so it gained great significance in the history of Australian cycling. It consisted of six individual events – including the Men’s Under 23s; Women’s time trial; Men’s time trial; Women’s Under 23s; Women’s road; and, Men’s road.

Jack Bobridge of South Australia won the Men’s Under 23 road race in 2009. He was followed by Michael Mathews (Australian Capital Territory) and Mark O’ Brien. In the Women’s twenty-eight kilometres road time trial finals, Carla Ryan of Queensland won the gold medal. In the Men’s time trial of thirty-nine kilometres, Michael Rogers of the Australian Capital Territory snatched the gold medal from Cameron Meyer of Western Australia.

The Scody Australian road race for men was held on 11th January 2009 and the championship was awarded to Peter McDonald of New South Wales. Michael Rogers of the Australian Capital Territory won the silver medal and Adam Hansen from Queensland won the bronze medal. In the Women’s 102 Kilometre road race final, Carla Ryan won the gold medal. Ruth Corset and Nikki Butterfield followed her. All the three championship winners are Queenslanders.

Past Records

Russel Mockridge from Geelong, Victoria, won the Australian road race gold medal in three consecutive years (from 1956 to 1958). Likewise, John Trevorrow won the championship three times in the years 1978, 1979 and 1980. Russell Van Hout, Darren Lapthorne and Mathew Lloyd were the most recent winners of the Men’s road race finals in 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively. In the Women’s finals, Kathy Watt showed her tremendous performance. She won gold medals in 1992, 1993 and 1994. In 1995, she received the silver medal and in 1998, she again won the gold medal. She also won two medals in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

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